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My daughter’s wedding in 2019 prompted me to undertake a complete revamp of my garden, to a brilliant design by Chelsea gold medallist Ruth Willmott.  Having a fresh set of eyes on a plot I had been taking for granted for 20 years proved a revelation, opening up possibilities I hadn’t even dreamt of - for all my horticultural training, and years of working with gardening’s most gifted designers and photographers.  Sometimes you just don’t see what’s in front of you!  I’d be happy to show you what was achieved. Small private groups are welcome to visit from mid-June to September. It is not a large garden...


I am also happy to carry out garden consultations, which might help you to see your garden afresh.  We can walk round your garden, assessing the strengths and weaknesses, and discussing where you would like to make improvements. Often there will be ‘quick fixes’ that would help - replanting a bed to extend the season of interest, adding height or structure, or biting the bullet where elements have become overgrown.  Or there might be more fundamental issues that will need addressing, a little at a time.


This can be very helpful if you are taking on a new garden, and struggling to know where to begin. The size and age of the garden are immaterial - no garden is too small to benefit from some thoughtful planning. (In fact the smaller it is, the more it matters.) And as we all know, as gardens mature, they can quickly grow away from us, and before we know it, the original intention is lost. 


Please contact me to arrange a visit and discuss my rates - which will vary according to how far I have to travel, and what your requirements are.

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